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Get ready to experience a brand new adventure for Game Boy! Dragonborne is an adventure RPG created using GB Studio, help Kris on his journey to find his missing father, you will encounter various enemies and mini quests along the way, are you tough enough to battle through to each Dragon and defeat them before they wreak havoc on the region of Argon? 

Full game rom available for £3.99 English/German version 

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Buy Now£3.99 GBP or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £3.99 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

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Congrats for the game! Bought a phisical copy and got stuck with only 2 mushrooms at the forest! Got the raft too, but I dont know if I missed one mushroom at the forest :thinkingface:

Great Game! I buy the full version and played now ca 3hours and can't stop playing! A very great retro feeling. Thx alot! 

u can see some gameplay of my Savegame. The best is: Dragonborne have a german localization!

This game is Amazing I'm really looking forward to the complete version


I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with it yet, but I wanted to share a few observations.  I think it has some pretty good potential, but could use a bit more polish.  I also ran into the bug that AndrewZ mentioned below.  I could not find a way to recover other than resetting the game.  Additionally, here are a few other notes I made:

  • in battle, choosing 'Magic' before you know any spells wastes a turn
  • in battle, choosing 'Items' then 'Back' wastes a turn
  • in battle, choosing 'S. Attack' when you aren't carrying an S. Weapon wastes a turn
  • when using a healing item, it is difficult to tell how much health you recover.  It would help to be able to see the HP meter while using the item.  Alternatively, it might help to see the numerical values of HP, but I'm guessing you probably don't want that.
  • item usage seems a little clunky--you have to to choose an item to see how many are in your inventory and it takes 3 button presses to use the item
  • Some minor grammatical errors--not that these affect the game play in any way, but it helps to make a good impression when the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.  These are just a few that I encountered:
    • "You have X healing potion's"
    • "You have X big healing potion's"
    • "You have X super heal spell's"
    • "You better drop this package off to the fishermans brother."
    • "Its empty!"

Thanks for the feedback, the bug mentioned below by andrew was resolved a while ago, this is a pretty early demo so there are a few bugs present. all of the instances where a turn is wasted in battle are also now resolved, so you dont lose a turn when doing those things. regarding item usage, due to the limitations of gb studio and actor limits this was the most practical way of doing it, due to the fact that you can't draw numbers to backgrounds. this also applies to hp, we have used the maximum actor limit for the battles so can't include numbered hp unfortunately, however you will get used to how much health each potion gives you, regarding recovering, there is an inn in every town and there are more than enough potions available in the houses before you go in to town, to get you through the first battles, will also make a note of the grammatical errors, thanks again.

Hey, hope you're well, just wanted to let you know I found a way to improve the inventory system, have posted a new demo so you can try it out

very good demo. found a bug: After I defeated the two enemies that blocked the path to waterfront, I was not able to go back to town, just been blocked there. 

Thanks for the heads up Andrew, this bug was resolved a while ago, if you want to progress in the demo please avoid the dock area 

whoa! love the battle graphics! imma download this...


Thanks!! Hope you Enjoy!!